Legal Studies Major

The major in Legal Studies is intended as an approach to the study of law rooted in the liberal arts tradition. Legal education expands, deepens, and sharpens the mind, and it hones skills such as critical thinking, textual interpretation, understanding of the many facets of arguments, respect for the opposing views, dispute resolution, reconciliation, and clear oral and written expression. The integration of Legal Studies with liberal arts education enhances the opportunity for cross-disciplinary study. 

The Program in Legal Studies is situated within both the Social Sciences and the Arts and Humanities, and it thus aims to serve as a bridge between these divisions. The design of the Legal Studies curriculum facilitates double majors and allows ample leeway for taking courses in other academic disciplines. The curriculum aspires to foster in students the readiness and ability to act in a truly human manner which entails qualities such as serving as an advocate for individual rights and as an artisan of the common good.

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