Anthropology Minor

The minor in Anthropology aims to help students gain an understanding of cultural forms and their historical transformations. A minor in Anthropology requires students to explore the relationship of human universality and cultural specificity, to elucidate the complex cultural, social, and political developments that contribute to an understanding of what it means to be a social being, and to participate in cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship.

Regional seminar Fall 16 NYUAD students participating in a Swahili women's dance during a private concert by female taarab group Tausi in Zanzibar.

Students who concentrate in Anthropology gain knowledge of anthropological theories and practice in ethnographic qualitative methodologies, and are prepared for careers in fields as diverse as business, diplomacy, education, journalism, and public service. In addition to the courses offered at NYUAD, some 120 anthropology electives exist across the NYU global network.