Computer Science Major

Computer science is a practical art that has led to revolutionary innovations in entertainment, the humanities, health, business, the news media, communications, education, scientific research, and the arts. It is also a science rooted in mathematics and engineering.

Although it is a relatively young field, computer science has produced many of the advances of modern life that we now take for granted. It has given medical researchers tools to understand and cure diseases, enabled physicists to reshape our understanding of the universe, allowed neuroscientists to uncover the secrets of our brains, and helped biologists decipher the human genome. Computer science has rewritten the rules of the entertainment industry and has transformed the way humans communicate with each other.

A degree in Computer Science granted by a liberal arts program is of special value today, as the world increasingly needs graduates who not only possess computer skills, but also apply them in broad contexts. Graduates will be ready to take exciting and demanding jobs in the field or to continue their studies in pursuit of advanced scientific or professional degrees.