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NYU Abu Dhabi graduates are employed around the world in industries ranging from consulting to technology, startups, and the arts. Internship opportunities and career advising play a large role in getting them there.

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Hayat Muhammed Seid

My non-academic life at NYU Abu Dhabi shaped how I think about and interact with the world around me. 

Fah Daengdej

Daengdej hosts and produces The Passion Thailand, a travel TV show that shares compelling stories of travelers and destinations.

Arame Dieng

I have a duty to educate, improve, and make an impact whenever and wherever I can.

Farah Mohmad

NYUAD made me look at the world from a more critical perspective, which motivated me to make better decisions.

Christopher Luwanga

I work with a global network of young, professionals in support of the UN program on peaceful uses of outer space.

Ling Zhang

Independent learning, research, and projects prepared me for the situation where I have a lot of freedom to work independently.

Dominique Lear

I learned about my position thanks to my summer internship.

Alioune Fall

What I am doing now is at the intersection of my profound interests.

Isabelle Galet-Lalande

After graduating, I worked on the pre-production of an incredible new feature film set in Abu Dhabi.

Gulnoza Mansur

I’m working on the commercial due diligence of a mobile app.

Connie Trinh

At Google, I'm working with small businesses. It's very rewarding.

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