Class of 2017 alumni are on the job applying all they've learned in their time at NYU Abu Dhabi. Some chose to remain in the UAE while others have traveled across the globe to pursue opportunities at educational fellowships, technology giants, startups, major financial institutions, arts organizations, and research firms.

Employment by Industry

Class of 2017 Life Beyond Saadiyat report: employment by industry
AlAnood Al Naqbi

NYU Abu Dhabi allowed me to learn how to communicate and work with people who are very different from myself, but there is still so much more to learn after graduation. You have to take initiative to actively pursue opportunities in life. Persist, work hard, and be patient. 

AlAnood Al Naqbi, analyst, Abu Dhabi Investment Council

Top Destinations

Class of 2017 Life Beyond Saadiyat report: top countries of employment

UAE Employment Stories

Class of 2017 graduates are working at 30 companies in the UAE in a broad range of sectors.

Paulius Urbonas

Financial Analyst

"I am staffed on mergers and acquisitions and capital raising projects for telecoms, media, and digital clients in the Gulf and Southeast Asia."

Arame Dieng

Management Trainee

"This position allows me to constantly reinvent myself, push my limits and acquire new skills in the process."

Worldwide Employment Stories

Class of 2017 graduates are getting on-the-job experience at 78 companies around the world and starting to make an impact in their fields of choice.

Hayat Muhammed Seid

Education Outreach Specialist

"I meet and speak with students, counselors, educators and organizations. Together, we identify some of the brightest students in Africa who would thrive at (NYUAD)."

Isabelle Galet-Lalande

Media Account Coordinator

"I'll be getting intensive, hands-on experience across all manner of media production, advertising, PR, experiential, budgeting, and project management."

Alioune Fall

Entrepreneur Education

"I help design and deliver the entrepreneurial leadership course that all students take in their first year at African Leadership University."

Christopher Luwanga

Space Adviser

"I am the national point of contact for Malawi ... I work on space awareness across the country, and in the long term seek to help set up a space sector there."

Ling Zhang

Software Engineer

"As an engineer for a small AI start-up in London, we're building a virtual assistant to help empower marketing analysts."