NYU Abu Dhabi alumni are employed around the world in industries ranging from consulting to technology, startups, and the arts. Many chose to stay in the UAE.

National Contributions

How NYUAD alumni are shaping their adopted home.

Emina Osmandzikovic, Class of 2017

In the years ahead, Osmandzikovic believes that her work, and the work of researchers like her, will help power the UAE’s continued upward trajectory.

Working for a More Sustainable Future

When going green becomes the strategic, social, and straightforward thing to do.

Startups With Saadiyat Roots

Businesses born on campus have a certain appeal in popular culture; thanks to Hollywood, we all know the origins of Facebook.

But as unlikely as a college startup might seem, great universities produce them in abundance. Startups with Saadiyat roots are proliferating.

Did You Know?

NYUAD graduates are employed in 66 different countries across the globe.

Tooth n' Fang

They knew what kind of art they wanted to create after graduation. When they didn’t find these opportunities, they decided to create them, together, with Tooth n’ Fang, a global-arts collective.

The idea that we’re not limited by borders, by cultures, and that we can actually learn from them and navigate them and move through them with our art, that is something uniquely NYU Abu Dhabi.

Alejandro Mora, Class of 2018


For Beatrice Ionascu and Dora Palfi, founders of tech startup imagiLabs, their genesis story dates to their first days on campus.

Survival of the Best Fit

They created a video game used by educators worldwide to teach students about the ethical risks of artificial intelligence.

Fast Facts

Did You Know?

96 percent of all employed graduates plan to pursue graduate school in the next 5 years.

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