Graduate Outcomes

The choices NYU Abu Dhabi alumni make after graduation are a first step toward a more peaceful, cooperative, and productive world. 

NYUAD has graduated six classes, more than 1,000 students. Selected from pools of thousands of applicants, this talented group of young people came together to forge a unique academic culture, an uncommon capacity to engage with difference, and a robust hope for the future. These graduates caught a global vision, sprawling to more than 90 countries, while building momentum around local impact, with 60 percent of employed graduates working in the UAE.

Where Do Students Go After Graduation?

It starts here, in Abu Dhabi, where they catch the vision, catalyze their growth, and engage deeply with difference. Equipped with a way to think about the world, global exposure that has tested and tried their existing frameworks, and valuable skills to offer, students depart seeking problems to solve.

Video: Follow stories of two alumni working in the UAE.

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