Graduate Outcomes

There's something special about being an NYU Abu Dhabi alumni. Graduates from the Class of 2017 are turning their dreams into reality at 44 graduate schools and 78 companies around the world.

Fast Facts

Gabriel's Story: Medical Student
Duke-NUS Medical School

Location: Singapore
NYUAD Major: Biology
Home Region: Bucaramanga, Colombia

Throughout my first semester at Duke-NUS, I’ve been serving as my class’s representative for community service, a role that requires me to look out for and facilitate community service opportunities for students including health screening efforts, food drives, and recently a Christmas toy drive and a caroling event in the wards of the Singapore General Hospital.

I’m currently heading Camp Simba as well, a Duke-NUS and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine project that organizes a camp for young children and teens whose parents have cancer or have passed away from cancer. I’m also helping with the logistic planning of project DOVE (Duke-NUS Overseas Volunteering Experience) to take place next year in Vietnam.

Was it not due to my semester abroad in Jordan, my work with ADvocacy, and my research and public health internships in the United States with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and in Ethiopia with the MORE Foundation, I wouldn’t have discovered I had a passion for working with people on healthcare related issues and my love for medicine. Additionally, the skills that I learned while participating in these projects are skills that I actively use when running the different community service programs I’m currently working on in Singapore.

Dominique's Story: Editorial Assistant
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Location: New York, NY, United States
NYUAD Major: Literature and Creative Writing, History
Home Region: Mexico City, Mexico

I learned about my position thanks to my summer internship. I was interning at another, smaller publishing house, Nation Books. I had a lot of informational interviews and each person was helpful in helping me narrow down my interests and focus on the job hunt.  Someone I spoke to suggested I look into this position, and then it turned out that the editor I was working for at Nation Books knew the person who was hiring very well.

As an editorial assistant to adult non-fiction editors, I have read a variety of manuscripts and proposals about all kinds of things. I have learned about how women’s illnesses have (not) been treated by the medical community, Latin American immigrants’ journeys into the United States, termites, and owls.

I feel like [my job is] a fascinating survey of all kinds of topics I would have never thought to study! I assist with with everything on the editorial side of publishing: editing, tracking payments, formatting a book for production, and providing general support to the editors and authors around publication.

Award Winners

NYU Abu Dhabi graduates won or were finalists for 15 prestigious global awards in 2017.


I am very grateful to be chosen as a Rhodes Scholar to represent both my country and university at the University of Oxford. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support and kindness of all the people who helped and encouraged me.

Dubai Abulhoul, UAE Rhodes Scholar, Political Science Major

Being a student at NYU Abu Dhabi has enabled me not only to study cross-cultural differences, but to experience them and to think about ways to make our community more whole.

Guillaume Sylvain, Canada Rhodes Scholar, Arab Crossroads Major

I've tried to seek opportunities to better understand how to create a meaningful and ethical impact. My (research) involves studying grasroots solidarity with refugees in Athens.