Further Study

NYU Abu Dhabi alumni are studying for master's and doctorate degrees at top universities around the world. Each year many of our students opt to further their study, pressing into research, developing new knowledge, and building skills for professional paths. The majority of alumni who chose to go to graduate school pursued a Masters of Science or PhD. About a third in graduate school pursued further study in the STEM felds.

Fast Facts

Selected Schools and Programs Attended

NYUAD alumni are enrolled in graduate schools across 32 countries.

Brown University
MFA, Literary Arts

Columbia University
PhD, Sociology

Delft University of Technology
MS, Architecture, Urbanism and Buidling Sciences

Duke-NUS Medical School
MD, Medicine

ETH Zurich
MSc, Neural Systems and Computation

Georgetown University
JD, Law

Harvard University
MSc, Data Science

Imperial College London
MRes, Drug Discovery and Development

Kings College London
MSc, Health Psychology

London School of Economics and Political Science
MS, Social Policy and Development

Ludwig Maximilian University
PhD, Neurophilosophy

McGill University
MA Religious Studies

New York University
MBA, Business Administration

Princeton University
PhD, Comparative Literature

Rhode Island School of Design
MID, Industrial Design

Sciences Po
PhD, Marine Biology

Stanford University
PhD, Civil Engineering

University of Cambridge
LLM, Law

University of Oxford
Master of Public Policy

University of Pennsylvania
PhD, Cell and Molecular Biology

Student Stories

Sophie Arni

I identify myself as a globally minded person and NYUAD made me even more connected with people from all over.

Ahlam Al Qasim

I followed my passion and did what I enjoyed, and that is why I ended up where I am today. Pour your heart and soul into your passion, and everything else will fall into place on its own.

Gabriel Figueroa Torres

My worldview and my approach to learning changed radically when I was in Abu Dhabi. They have continued to change here in Singapore in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Batu Aytemiz

Every day I draw upon the different topics I got exposed to in NYU Abu Dhabi, from Brechtian Theater to the Arab Spring.

Myungin Sohn

I knew one thing as I approached graduation: I wanted to continue working with Arabic texts and explore the different genres of Arabic texts.

Juan Felipe Beltran

I’m a big believer in the idea that your biggest growth does not come only from your teachers but from the people you go through experiences with.

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