Al Reem Al Hosani

Carving new paths to reach your goals

By Malak Abdel-Ghaffar

Al Reem Al Hosani, Class of 2021, graduated with a BA in art and art history and a minor in heritage studies. Having spent her last three semesters away from the NYUAD campus, Al Hosani branched out in her senior year, exploring options she hadn't previously considered, and landing a position at the Abu Dhabi Film Commission (ADFC) as a business development officer.

When the world shifted to virtual interactions, Al Hosani established a new routine for herself at home. She constructed a careful plan for her senior year where she focused on applying to graduate school in the fall and networking for jobs in the spring. After attending the Vice Chancellor Roundtable with Michael Garin, CEO of TwoFour54, Al Hosani confidently reached out and had a conversation with the CEO. “Through a lot of networking, emailing, and introducing myself everywhere, I got  interviews and insight, and landed my current job,” she said.

Networking does not come easy to many students. It is often difficult to take the first step and initiate conversations with strangers, especially if the individuals are in a different industry. Al Hosani, however, did not restrain herself or her discussions, and she advises students to do the same. After sending multiple emails to individuals in different industries, Al Hosani expanded her network and learned a lot about various creative industries. Her flexibility and willingness to explore led Al Hosani to the film industry, which she hadn’t previously considered.

I gained a whole new perspective on what an artist means and what an artist does through my conversations with alumni, professors, and industry professionals.

Al Reem Al Hosani, Class of 2021

Al Hosani’s role will allow her to bridge her interest in art, museums, and heritage studies with the emerging film scene in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. “It’s not about your major at all. By the time you graduate, you discover that there are more paths that can help you reach what you want to do.”