Arame Dieng

NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2017

Finance Management Trainee
Unilever Middle East and North Africa Headquarters
Dubai, UAE
NYUAD major: Economics
Home region: Dakar, Senegal

I have a duty to educate, improve, and make an impact whenever and wherever I can.

Working in the fast moving consumer goods industry requires strong quantitative skills to both keep up with fast-paced competition and spot potential market trends. My economics and finance degree at NYU Abu Dhabi, especially my capstone research project, equipped me with valuable analytical knowledge and problem solving skills.

I was selected in Unilever’s prestigious Future Leaders Program, an accelerated rotational graduate program that provides participants with a well-rounded experience of Unilever’s global business and challenging opportunities to prepare them for a business leadership role.

What I enjoy the most is the versatility of the job and being allowed to rotate across functions and offices based on my learning interests and personal development goals. As someone who loves new challenges, this position allows me to constantly reinvent myself, push my limits and acquire new skills in the process. It is very similar to the learning scheme at NYU Abu Dhabi where you are allowed to construct your own career path and it is up to you to make the most of it.

Similarly, the corporate culture at Unilever is built such that learning is prioritized and embraced at each level of the organization. As a management trainee, I love being given the space to both learn and contribute, as I am highly encouraged to bring a new perspective to existing problems while driving efficiency and initiatives wherever I can during each of my projects.

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