On the Legal Side of Big Business

As a paralegal at Mubadala Investment Company, Saif Alkhoori, Class of 2022, is becoming well-versed in the complexities of commercial law. The job requires an extraordinary amount of reading, case law analysis, and — as is typical in the legal field — long hours.

“Analytical skills are important as a paralegal,” says Saif Alkhoori, who landed the role after a successful two-month internship in his senior year at NYU Abu Dhabi. “At NYUAD we had a lot of classes where we would be provided a case and have to analyze it using case law and precedents, which is helpful now as a paralegal.”

Alkhoori’s long-term goal is to become a lawyer. As part of the company’s in-house legal team, he’s gaining crucial knowledge about legal processes related to real estate, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and the like. Company-sponsored schooling and international work placements are on the horizon in the coming years.

“It’s tough, to be honest!” he admits, because long days at the office are common and commercial law can be quite challenging. “It’s a good experience, I’m learning a lot and adapting.”

Major: Legal Studies
Home Country: UAE
Current: Paralegal, Mubadala Investment Company, UAE

Working under pressure and alongside experts in the field is reminiscent of his time in the Legal Studies major at NYU Abu Dhabi where many of the professors are also practicing lawyers from around the world, in different fields of law.

NYUAD professors “know the law very well,” Saif says and “always take time to help.”

NYUAD professors know the law very well and always take time to help.

Saif Alkhoori, Class of 2022

Alkhoori is among the first graduates of the Legal Studies program at NYUAD. He still keeps in touch with the professors and is pleased to see growing interest in the major. The class size has more than doubled since he was there.“It’s nice to see how it (the program) began and where it’s going.