Dominique Lear

NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2017

Editorial Assistant
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
New York, NY
NYUAD major: Literature and Creative Writing, History
Home region: Mexico City, Mexico

I learned about my position thanks to my summer internship. I was interning at another, smaller publishing house, Nation Books. I had a lot of informational interviews and each person was helpful in helping me narrow down my interests and focus on the job hunt.  Someone I spoke to suggested I look into this position, and then it turned out that the editor I was working for at Nation Books knew the person who was hiring very well.

As an editorial assistant to adult non-fiction editors, I have read a variety of manuscripts and proposals about all kinds of things. I have learned about how women’s illnesses have (not) been treated by the medical community, Latin American immigrants’ journeys into the United States, termites, and owls.

I feel like [my job is] a fascinating survey of all kinds of topics I would have never thought to study! I assist with with everything on the editorial side of publishing: editing, tracking payments, formatting a book for production, and providing general support to the editors and authors around publication.

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