Tooth n’ Fang

A different kind of diversity drives Lucas Olscamp, Class of 2017, Allanah Avalon, Class of 2018, Nathalie Kozak, Class of 2018, and Alejandro Mora, Class of 2018. As theater majors, they knew what kind of art they wanted to create after graduation — performances that explored social and cultural boundaries. When they didn’t find these opportunities, they decided to create them, together, with Tooth n’ Fang, a global-arts collective.

Their first project, an adaptation of the Capstone that Avalon and Kozak created at NYUAD, was presented at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Their most recent work, Oro, was staged in Costa Rica and explored the evolution of myth and mythology. They aren’t sure what’s next on the billing, but whatever it is, they’re confident it will be true to their founding principles. “Our nomadic troubadour style of doing art and finding spaces where we can be international and local” is what defines Tooth n’ Fang, says Mora. “The idea that we’re not limited by borders, by cultures, and that we can actually learn from them and navigate them and move through them with our art, that is something uniquely NYU Abu Dhabi.”

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