Survival of the Best Fit

Friendship and shared interests are what brought Gabor Csapo, Class of 2018, Miha Klasnic, Class of 2018, Jihyun Kim, Class of 2018, and Alia ElKattan, Class of 2019 together as business partners. In 2017, they all took the same Politics of Code class, where they learned how computer programming influences real lives. One example that resonated was how companies use algorithms in the recruiting process — despite strong evidence that this can produce biases in hiring. 

To them, this seemed outrageous, and the classmates responded the best way they knew how: by writing more code.

They applied for, and received, USD 25,000 from the Mozilla Foundation, which they used to create a video game, Survival of the Best Fit. Today, the game is used by educators worldwide to teach students about the ethical risks of artificial intelligence. “At the core of our education was an understanding of the sheer diversity of thought,” says Kim. “Because we were surrounded by diversity, it was obvious to us that [protecting that] was important.”

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