Fah Daengdej

"Reading about a place is very different from visiting the place and seeing it with your own eyes."

A Film and New Media graduate, Fah Daengdej, Class of 2015 hosts and produces The Passion Thailand, a travel TV show that shares compelling stories of travelers and destinations. “I started this series because I missed traveling,” she says, “Traveling a lot at NYUAD taught me to stay grounded."

That passion has led Fah to share travel insights with the world. She has filmed and created destination content for a number of clients such as Thai Airways International (Moscow, Tehran), Shangri-La Group (Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu), and Israel Tourism Board (Eilat, Jerusalem.) The Passion Thailand airs on Saturdays via Nation TV channel 22. 

Hearing from viewers motivates Fah. She recalls, “There are families who write to me and say ‘as a woman, I’ve never had the opportunity to talk to my parents about traveling alone, because they would stop me from doing so. Watching this show lets me start a conversation with my family.’ This makes me really happy that what I am doing has a real impact on them.”

Recently, she began a new venture co-founding Robot Cafe, a coffeehouse and learning hub where visitors order drinks via robots and a mobile application, and enjoy a play-and-learn experience with robots. She cites her studies in Interactive Media and technology at NYU and her experience working with one of Thailand’s fastest growing coffee franchises as inspiration.

 “Our goal is to create a space for you to enjoy your favorite drink while learning about new technology regardless of your background.” She also plans to work with local cafes and hospitality-related services to implement the robotic POS system, which will help lower employment costs and improve user experience for customers.


Fah Daengdej

Class of 2015

Major: Music, Film and New Media

Current Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Current Role: CEO and Founder, Tuk Tuk Pass

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