“Qasatna” means “our stories” in Arabic. NYU Abu Dhabi is just one chapter in the vibrant and incredible stories of our NYUAD alumni. Read more to learn what our alumni are doing today. 

Yusuf Jimoh, Class of 2022

A PhD student in electrical and computer engineering at Princeton University.

Rita Akroush, Class of 2017

Works as a program officer at a UK-based charity called Mosaik Education, helping refugee youth in Lebanon and Jordan access higher education.

Patrick Inshuti, Class of 2021

As a computer scientist, it’s important to be open to myriad possibilities because computer scientists are needed everywhere, even banking.

Daria Zahaleanu, Class of 2020

At graduate school, Daria Zahaleanu's school project scaled quickly to become a startup on high quality, sustainable fish feed.

Tareq Abbasi, Class of 2021

A Fulbright Scholar, pursuing his masters at the University of Pittsburgh at the Graduate school of Public and International Affairs.

Al Reem Al Hosani, Class of 2021

Carving new paths to reach your goals and landing a position at the Abu Dhabi Film Commission (ADFC) as a business development officer.

Tom Abi Samra

Discovered his master's program through a professor he met during his study away semester in New York.

Bernice delos Reyes, Class of 2020

Delos Reyes is a Communications Executive at Alserkal, a role that allows her to merge her talent in communicating and passion for developing arts and culture.

Juan Felipe Beltran, Class of 2014

“I’m a big believer in the idea that your biggest growth does not come from your teachers, but from the people you go through experiences with."

Bana Alamad, Class of 2020

Iinvestigating the role genetics play in widely varying immune responses to COVID-19 vaccines at the University of Oxford.

Isaiah Mwamba, Class of 2018

Purdue University PhD engineer Isaiah Mwamba studies how we get around today in order to predict and prepare for the future.

Ghena Haikal, Class of 2020

In her role with the UNICEF Makani Program, Ghena has helped deliver thousands of educational tablets to vulnerable children in Jordan

Annie Bauer, Class of 2018

The best part about pursuing a career in humanitarianism is working with people who care about the same issues you do, as much as you do.

Cristobal MarYán, Class of 2015

An NYUAD exclusive on Cristobal's most significant project — an online collaboration with world-famous artists that’s been two years in the making.

Thinh Tran, Class of 2017

Thinh Tran has always been fascinated with solving puzzles so it’s no surprise she’s conducting cancer data research at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Ahmed Meshref, Class of 2019

After a disappointing start to grad studies in Paris, Ahmed is back on his feet at a new school more suited to his talents and career goals.

Gaurav Pande, Class of 2021

Joining the prestigious Princeton in Africa at the international infrastructure project development company, eleQtra, based in Kampala, Uganda.

Ivona Feldmarova, Class of 2021

Researching the social and emotional skills of students at the Young Associates Programme at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris.

Shivani Mishra, Class of 2020

Shivani currently pursuing an MSc in South Asian Studies at Oxford University and working as an apprentice at the BBC Global News.

Brandon Chin Loy, Class of 2020

Chin Loy is now working as a data analyst in a leading bank in Jamaica — his home country — while exploring postgraduate degrees.

Emina Osmandzikovic, Class of 2017

In the years ahead, Osmandzikovic believes that her work, and the work of researchers like her, will help power the UAE’s continued upward trajectory.

Sam Ridgeway, Class of 2016

Sam opens up about going through a “difficult period” after NYUAD and why he wants other alumni to know about it.

Firas Ashraf, Class of 2019

Part of the team at NYU Abu Dhabi creating events that bring the community together through cultural and educational programming.

Youssef Azzam, Class of 2020

Azzam is taking time off to connect with family and friends, reflect on his accomplishments at NYU Abu Dhabi, and pursue his passion — music.

Luke Tyburski, Class of 2017

Currently studying at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC, Luke Tyburski got his first taste of diplomacy as a student at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Farah Mohmad, Class of 2015

"NYUAD made me look at the world from a more critical perspective, which motivated me to make better decisions"

Daniel Watson, Class of 2020

From NYUAD to Google: Class of 2020 alumnus Daniel Watson secures a place in the competitive AI Residency Program.

Sophie Arni, Class of 2017

"I identify myself as a globally minded person and NYUAD made me even more connected with people from all over.”

Chandan Mishra, Class of 2019

"I was getting a job offer with a major developer in Dubai but I decided to return to Nepal and give back to my community."