Ming Hu

Best in Tech

Find out why Ming Hu, Class of 2018, earned a spot on a list of Dubai’s most influential women in tech.

NYUAD: Hi Ming, nice to see you again.


NYUAD: What are you up to these days?

I just started a new job at Google in Dublin. Not many people even know this yet! I arrived only a few weeks ago.

NYUAD: Congrats! What’s your role?

I am a site reliability engineer. It’s similar to a software engineer but focuses more on how to incorporate software engineering to infrastructure and operation problems.

NYUAD: What were you doing before?

I was in Dubai working as a software engineer at Tradeling, which is a B2B e-commerce platform backed by the Dubai government. It was a really cool job. They’re known as the Alibaba of the Middle East for B2B e-commerce. Before that I was a software engineer at Namshi, also in Dubai. I got that job right after graduation thanks to a recommendation from another alumni who was there.

Ming Hu, Class of 2018

Major: Computer Science

Current Role: Site Reliability Engineer, Google

Current Location: Dublin, Ireland

Home Country: China

Use the alumni network as much as possible, don’t be shy. We have so many alumni willing to share knowledge. People are always happy to help.

Ming Hu, Class of 2018

NYUAD: What’s something you’re most proud of?

I started a community in Dubai called Women in Tech DXB and was featured in Khaleej Times as one of Dubai’s most influential women in tech. I was quite surprised to see myself in the news! It’s something I’m really proud of.

NYUAD: Are you still connected with Women in Tech DXB?

Yes, even though I'm in Dublin now, we’re still organizing online events. The group has grown into a few hundred people. 

NYUAD: How did NYUAD prepare you for what you’re doing now?

It’s the interpersonal skills. Before NYUAD, I didn’t have experience working with people with so many different backgrounds. Strong communication is a huge plus in my field, sometimes more important than technical knowledge.

NYUAD: What's your all-time favorite NYUAD memory?

There are so many! It has to be my time in the Interactive Media Lab. It's such a diverse and creative place for projects, homework, and meeting new people. We used to set up multiple virtual reality stations and play games there. I met some of my best friends in this lab!

NYUAD: What's your advice for other students?

Use the alumni network as much as possible, don’t be shy. We have so many alumni willing to share knowledge whether they’re working or in grad school. I often reach out with questions, people are always happy to help.