Shin Won Kim

Sustainability and Green Chemistry

By Jude Al Gergawi

Shin Won Kim, graduated with a chemistry degree. After spending a few months working as a consultant in a healthcare consulting firm, Kim started to consider pursuing a Master’s in the Erasmus Mundus programs. She came across an opportunity in the University of Poitiers to join the first cohort of the Erasmus Mundus program in Sustainable Catalysis.

Sustainability and health has always been a topic that Kim wanted to focus on. Now, she is learning more about sustainability and green chemistry. Her course in Sustainable Catalysis aims at ensuring the use and development of eco-friendly chemical materials, reactions and processes through the use of catalysts. After completing the required seminars for the course, Kim will be applying her knowledge on Sustainable Catalysis in an internship after which she will continue on with her specialization.

It feels like I found the perfect balance between chemistry and sustainability with this program. I knew I wanted to use my chemistry skills to help with society and the sustainability crisis that we’re facing on the global scale.

Shin Won Kim, NYUAD Class of 2021

Looking back at her time at NYUAD, Kim credits being a peer facilitator for the First-Year Dialogue as one of the most meaningful and shaping experiences during her time at the university. She believes that stepping into the mentorship role really helped her gain confidence and solidify her sense of belonging at NYUAD. Kim also recognizes her Capstone Project that she completed in her Senior year working in the Healy Lab as yet another shaping experience during her time at NYUAD. “It was so eye-opening to see what I had learned in the classroom and discovering ways to apply it in more real life scenarios that weren’t too abstract.”

She encourages current NYUAD students to be open to new opportunities despite being faced with rejection time and time again. By letting go of the fear of rejection, people can really open themselves to places they never would have experiences. There are lessons to be learnt about yourself in every step of the way.”