Annie Bauer

Connected through caring.

By Andy Gregory

For psychology alumna Annie Bauer, Class of 2018, the best part about pursuing a career in humanitarianism is working with people who care about the same issues you do, as much as you do.

NYUAD: What experience have you gained since graduating?

After NYUAD, I got my master’s in conflict studies at the London School of Economics then took an internship at the UN headquarters in New York with the permanent mission of Guatemala. I also did some field work with an NGO in Ethiopia. These experiences led me to a one-year position at the National Democratic Institute (NDI). I’m currently searching for my next career opportunity.

NYUAD: What’s the best part about working in your field?

It’s the people you get to work with. Even though we’re often far apart, we care about the same things, about helping vulnerable populations. It makes me feel connected.

NYUAD: One of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is to promote peace, justice and strong institutions. How does your work align with that goal?

While at NDI I helped with democratic development support programs for southern and east African countries. One project I worked on was designed to bolster civic participation in Zimbabwe. Another helped connect NGOs in Tanzania so that people with disabilities can gain access to voting stations on election days.

NYUAD: How did NYUAD help develop your skills and interest?

NYUAD’s multidisciplinary approach, the minor in peace studies specifically, helped clarify what I wanted to do and the things I care about. I took classes in economics, psychology, and anthropology, which helped me see different perspectives on similar topics.

NYUAD: What advice do you have for other students?

There are many ways you can get into international development and diplomacy. I was motivated by academia but somebody else can use their volunteer experience to get a position right out of school or work for a small community-based organization. Everyone’s journey is going to be different.