Building on the strength and excellence of our individual programs, we offer exceptional interdisciplinary research opportunities that advance knowledge and positively impact our society.

Marta Losada, Dean of Science

The Division of Science at NYU Abu Dhabi is home to a diverse, growing and thriving community of world-class faculty, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. It is committed to excellent teaching; advancing our understanding of nature and the universe; and harnessing multidisciplinary research to respond to vital local and global challenges.

Our faculty belong to one of six divisional programs – Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology – each offering undergraduate majors, some offering graduate degrees, and all housing disciplinary labs and projects. 

In addition to our disciplinary research programs, NYUAD has identified and established areas of excellence in the form of conceptual multidisciplinary research clusters. Within these clusters, collaborating faculty with relevant expertise from a range of disciplines engage with one another, and with our state-of-the-art core technology platforms and facilities, to ask questions and tackle problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. The clusters also infuse and engage with our Research Institute Centers and Graduate Programs.

As well as collaborating with each other, our scientists, researchers and strong alumni networks have established robust collaborations with local and international academics, experts, and institutions across the globe. Together, with a curiosity-driven and collaborative approach, we strive to work together to advance the frontiers of knowledge and respond in powerful and interdisciplinary ways to the myriad global challenges.