The increasingly interdisciplinary nature of contemporary scientific research requires that biologists, chemists, computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and psychologists have a fundamental understanding of one another’s areas.


For this reason, the educational mission of New York University Abu Dhabi emphasizes the integration of the life, physical, mathematical, and computer sciences with other academic disciplines. This integration manifests itself in the multidisciplinary nature of research at New York University Abu Dhabi, research that addresses some of the most pressing issues affecting the globe while simultaneously asking questions that further the basic understanding of nature and the universe.

The prudent fusion of science, math, and other academic disciplines at New York University Abu Dhabi has resulted in the creation of state-of-the-art research centers and core technology platforms in which questions and problems are tackled in projects led by scientists of international distinction. Climate change and its consequences; drug discovery; human behavior, learning and the mind; understanding the universe and its constituents; environmental sustainability; synthetic biology; and genomic approaches to systems biology are among the pivotal areas currently studied at New York University Abu Dhabi. In many cases, the cultural and natural environments of the United Arab Emirates provide unique opportunities that are heightened further by the campus’s place within New York University’s network of sites that spans the globe, especially including the prolific scholarship found at its schools and colleges in New York City.

The Division of Science at New York University Abu Dhabi offers undergraduate majors in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, and psychology, with areas of specialization in some. Graduate degrees are offered in biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, and psychology. Postdoctoral training opportunities are also available. In all cases, multidisciplinary research is encouraged along with attendance at the profuse number of seminars, colloquia, and symposia held at New York University Abu Dhabi to produce future leaders in science who also embody global awareness, cultural sensitivity, and ethical integrity.