NYU Abu Dhabi is committed to building and strengthening a university-wide culture of inclusion, diversity, belonging, and equity.

The IDBE Landscape

The values of inclusion, diversity, belonging, and equity (IDBE) have been fundamental to NYU Abu Dhabi since its inception, reflected in our mission and vision.

All university community members are expected to uphold these values through the active work and ongoing pursuit of education, engagement, self-reflection, and a willingness to advance practices that lead to a more inclusive institution; Vice Chancellor Westermann has outlined her own commitment to IDBE. Provost Arlie Petters, Chief Administrative and Business Office Peter Christensen, and Chief of Staff Jessica Sederquist have developed an Inclusion and Equity Accountability Framework to ensure that these commitments are enacted in a tangible and sustainable manner that contributes to long-lasting cultural change across all university constituencies.

Spearheaded by the Office of Inclusion and Equity, many offices across the university offer programming and resources to support the NYUAD community as we all work together to build an environment in which all are empowered and enabled to belong.


Belonging is indeed a foundational human need, which when nurtured can bring out the best in all of us, enabling our community to maximize its excellence.

Arlie Petters, Provost


The following definitions are shared across the NYU Global Network and were developed by the Office of Global Inclusion. See a more expansive list of terminology.

  • NYU Definition: The degree to which diversity is embedded, integrated, and involved.

    Inclusion is an active process in which diversity is viewed as an important resource, and where we value ourselves and others because of and not despite our differences (or similarities). In an inclusive system, everyone — across multiple types of differences — should be empowered as a full participant and contributor who feels and is connected to the larger collective without having to give up individual uniqueness, cherished identities, or vital qualities. This is achieved through a combination of individual behaviors and attitudes, group norms, leadership approaches, and organizational policies and practices (Ferdman, 2014; Ferdman, 2017).

Support for Our Community

NYUAD has provided many resources that have helped me understand and acknowledge the diversity of other cultures present in our university. In particular, SLICE has given me a chance to dive deeper into my inner thoughts, to look at various factors that have affected and shaped me to become the person I am today.

Waseem Chaudry, Class of 2020 and Dean’s Fellow

Committees and Coalitions

A number of committees across the University contribute to IDBE, either as part of their direct purview or through support and dialogue.

Diversity at NYUAD

The data points below demonstrate some of NYU Abu Dhabi’s diversity. Measuring our campus population in more properly nuanced ways is a priority of the Vice Chancellor’s as we seek to make our community more diverse and representative of our values. Vice Chancellor Westermann has previously demonstrated the importance of and her commitment to baseline data and measurable progress.


Faculty Nationalities


Countries Represented


Languages Spoken


As scholars, we are continuously reflecting and through our actions transforming; our deep thinking should encompass the wider issues that affect humankind, such as racism, equity, and inclusion, and within the scope of our work and responsibilities we should all engage, act and impact to benefit NYUAD and its communities.

Marta Losada, Dean of Science; Professor of Physics


A Community United

A COVID-19 relief fund is now available for any NYU Abu Dhabi community members who experienced financial hardship because of it.