Mathematics provides the logical and analytical tools for tackling many of the important problems of our time. By its very nature, mathematics provides the means to break many problems into manageable pieces that can be analyzed and solved. In fact, mathematical approaches have been central to solving problems and modeling phenomena in a wide array of disciplines. Mathematical thinking is grounded in rigor and abstraction, but draws its vitality from questions arising in the natural world as well as applications to industry and technology. Mathematics majors at NYU Abu Dhabi attain a breadth of knowledge within the field, pursue their own interests in math electives, explore the role of mathematics as an applied discipline, and undertake a capstone project.


"There are many reasons to study mathematics – not least to develop seriously advanced knowledge in support of the whole science, engineering, and social science communities. Even without study beyond a bachelor degree, fields such as navigation, meteorology, finance and education are open to graduates. It’s the most wonderful platform from which to jump into a career or further study."

Susan Crawford, Associate Lecturer of Mathematics

“Math is a versatile major which gives you a solid analytical background and which, even if you decide to leave for any other speciality at a later stage, will still be considered a big asset that peers in that field might wish they had!“

Hisham Sati, Program Head and Associate Professor of Mathematics

“Mathematics is everywhere. Moreover the math major offers a rigorous training in the use of logic and helps develop analytical skills that are useful in almost any profession.“