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January Term 2019: Beyond the Classroom

The annual three-week January Term (J-Term) gives students access to over 80 courses in 24 destinations across the world Global Learning

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Passion for science leads NYU Abu Dhabi senior to exciting opportunities in Shanghai and New York Global Learning

History of North African Date Palm Unlocked

Origins found in hybridization between Middle East cultivated date palm and a wild relative native to the Island of Crete Science and Technology

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  • Back to school - for a day

    Save the date: it's time for the class reunion. But the question is: would you go? While some swear they've no desire to catch up with former classmates, others can't wait to 'hear the school bell' again. We find out why the jury is out when it comes to reunion RSVPs.

    Khaleej Times |
  • As Disease Ravages Coral Reefs, Scientists Scramble for Solutions

    As oceans warm, coral reefs are suffering not only from bleaching but from deadly outbreaks of disease. Researchers are developing remedies, but the key question is whether these solutions can work on a large-enough scale to save vast reef systems from Florida to Australia.

    Yale Environment 360 |
  • Why language is so important to cultural diversity

    Ever since he first met people from the Gulf in his student days, Nasser Isleem, a senior Arabic language lecturer at NYUAD, has been fascinated by how languages can splinter and evolve.

    Abu Dhabi World |
  • NYUAD students take on the world for 'J-term'

    Students to go around the world in 21 days as they put their studies in practice to research, among other things, the affect of the refugee crisis on Athens, Greece.

    The National |

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