NYUAD’s Program in Psychology is the principal contributor to research concerning the cognitive underpinnings of the mind and human behavior at NYUAD. The major in Psychology introduces students to the main concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in the field. Students gain the ability to think scientifically, creatively, and critically about human behavior and mental processes; to acquire the basic skills for conducting research in these areas; and to develop a general understanding of psychology as both a natural science and a social science. 


“Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest current challenges in science and it informs so many other areas of life, from art and design to business and economics, from politics to medicine, and more.”

David Melcher, Program Head and Professor of Psychology

““Psychology helps us understand what makes humans human – it’s the study of us! And we are pretty fascinating!”

Kartik Sreenivasan, Associate Program Head for Undergraduate Studies of Psychology; Associate Professor of Psychology with an affiliation in Biology

“In my mind, psychology is the bridge between science and the social, political, and economic world. Thus, psychology is perfect for anyone who has an interest in social justice or other “real world” issues, but also has a thing for data and the scientific method. That was what pushed me into it!”