The Program in Biology at NYU Abu Dhabi is highly diverse, drawing its strength from world-class, interdisciplinary and collaborative faculty, who are both exceptional scientists and fantastic teachers. Our research strengths span a wide range of topics at all levels of biological organization — from molecules to cells and organisms to ecosystems — utilizing state-of-the art experimental methodologies. Discoveries from NYUAD's biology research teams have broad implications for understanding the fundamental properties of biological systems, complex diseases, behavior, and environmental issues.

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“There is nothing, to me, more fascinating about the secrets of living things. All the cells in the body of a fish or a worm or a mouse have already figured out how to divide, move, metabolize and communicate. It is up to us, the biologists, to figure out how they do it.”

Kirsten Sadler Edepli, Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Engagement; Professor of Biology

"NYUAD was more than a college choice. It promised in-depth intellectual conversations with passionate professors, staff and peers but it also gave me friendships across these groups that transcended academics and contributed to my personal development. It promised that I could delve into the research of my choice, strengthening my technical skills not just in Biology, but in any other subject that I could reasonably prove Biology intersected with. I found out, much to my pleasure, that the list was endless."

Vongai Mlambo, Class of 2020

"Majoring in Biology at NYUAD provides students with an experience equivalent to that of holders of a Masters degree, and is a gateway to top graduate and medical schools, and to professions in a variety of fields."