Computer Science

Rooted in mathematics and engineering, and with creativity and ingenuity at its core, Computer Science is at once a complex science and a practical art that has led to revolutionary innovations in entertainment, the humanities, health, business, the news media, communications, education, scientific research, and the arts.

The Computer Science Program at NYU Abu Dhabi carries out world-class research projects in a variety of fields, and trains students - both in the fundamental principles of computer science and in related aspects of technology - to broaden the knowledge base of computer science majors, and to demonstrate the relevance of computer technology to other disciplines.


"Do you prefer deeply understanding over memorizing? Do you appreciate problem solving? Do you want to have impact by technology that scales? Come and study Computer Science at NYUAD!"

Christina Pöpper, Program Head and Associate Professor of Computer Science

"With Computer Science being such a dynamic and rapidly growing field, it has become such an integral part of the world right now. Choosing to study Computer Science will allow you to deeply understand new technologies and give you the chance to develop great innovations to solve problems & challenges. You will get to envision, build, and maintain the world using the knowledge gained."

Dena Ahmed, Instructor of Computer Science