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Tarek Al-Ghoussein

Artist Spotlight

A significant feature of Tarek Al-Ghoussein's work over the years has been the merger of landscapes, self-portraiture, and interaction with the spaces he photographs.

Robert Parthesius

What is Heritage?

On Delma Island, at Liwa oasis, and in the classroom, Robert Partheisus is helping NYU Abu Dhabi students discover UAE heritage — while challenging them to re-think exactly what heritage means.

Nathalie Peutz

Heritage is What You Make it

“If it’s your language, your poetry, your ideas, your history — it can really mobilize people," says anthropologist Nathalie Peutz.

Teacher and children reading

A Storybook Beginning

NYU Abu Dhabi is addressing a critical need for more child-friendly Arabic reading materials.

Deepak Unnikrishnan, Lecturer, Writing Program, NYUAD

Hindu Prize

Deepak Unnikrishnan's debut novel Temporary People wins the prestigious Hindu Prize in india.

Cairo factory 1940

All in the Family

First-ever research initiative will track family business histories in the Middle East.

Voices of a Generation

Voices of a Generation

Ayisha Khansaheb, research assistant, and her faculty mentor Maria Balzani is leading a historic oral history project about the lives of UAE women before the oil boom.

Philosophy professor wins prestigious InfoSys Prize in India

Philosophy Professor Wins InfoSys Prize

Jonardon Ganeri has won the Infosys Prize in the Humanities category for his outstanding scholarship and originality in interpreting and scrutinizing analytical Indian philosophy.

In the News


NYUAD faculty in the Arts and Humanities are frequently featured in local and international news media.

Texture and Transfiguration
In his latest exhibition – a fine word, galaxy – multi-disciplinary American artist Jonny Farrow, who often works with sound to investigate transmission, liminality and resonance, builds upon his past meditations on temporality, here primarily via sculpture.
Canvas Magazine | June 01, 2018

How Yemeni Refugees Photographed Their World
As part of our series ‘Picturing Refugees,’ anthropologist Nathalie Peutz and photographer Nadia Benchallal discuss self-representation and the social significance of imagery after working with nine Yemeni refugees to document their lives in Djibouti over a year.
News Deeply | May 31, 2018

Arabic translation comes of age
The first volumes of the Library of Arabic Literature, an ambitious translation project of classical Arabic works into English, appeared five years ago, with several dozen now being available to international readers. But this is just the beginning, library editors Philip Kennedy, James Montgomery, Shawkat Toorawa and Chip Rossetti explain.
Al-Ahram Weekly | April 07, 2018

It took novelist Deepak Unnikrishnan 10 years to write his award-winning ode to the immigrant worker
Temporary People, Unnikrishnan’s decade-long project that finally culminated in a book, captures the range of the migrant-worker experience in the Gulf.
Elle India | April 06, 2018

Charles Siebert Talks about Non-Human Animals
Sharing stories with a room of students and professors from American University of Paris and New York University. 
The American University of Paris | March 27, 2018

The influential female voices shaping the UAE art scene
Salwa Mikdadi, associate professor of art history at NYUAD, is considered one of ten influential voices in the creative landscape of the UAE today.
The National | March 23, 2018

Letter of Recommendation: Schleich Figurines
Wild creatures rendered with an eye for detail that results in museum-diorama quality, but without having to kill anything. A recommendation from Charles Siebert, NYUAD professor of practice of literature and creative writing and contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine.
The New York Times Magazine | March 20, 2018

Does Laughter Have a Place Here?
Aysan Celik has found that laughter has an important role to play in helping us understand the extent of the climate crisis, and that a good laugh may be just what we need to be compelled into action.
HowlRound | March 19, 2018

The Poems of the Story
Marcel Kupershoek is featured in an episode of a new poetry program. The subject of his episode is on Humeidan al-Shuway'ir, an early 18th-century satirical poet. The program will feature six poets.
Al Arabiya (in Arabic) | March 17, 2018

Director Scandar Copti opens up about his new film ‘Happy Holidays’, the Oscars and funding
The Palestinian filmmaker adopts cinema verite style and casts non-actors to capture the realities of occupation.
The National | March 13, 2018

NYUAD exhibition shows life from a migrants' perspective
A new photo exhibition is a collaboration with refugees in Djibouti.
The National | February 06, 2018

Oscar-nominated ‘Ajami’ to show in Abu Dhabi
The 2009 movie will screen as part of a contemporary Arab film series called CinemaNA.
Gulf News | January 24, 2018

Students get a look at how the arts transform Cambodian society
About 15 students from New York University Abu Dhabi were recently given a hearty welcome by Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) as they started a culture tour of Cambodia under a programme called Arts for Transformation, the case of Cambodia.
Khmer Times | January 17, 2018

Deepak Unnikrishnan bags ‘The Hindu Prize 2017’ for ‘Temporary People’ 
Deepak Unnikrishnan bagged the coveted The Hindu Prize 2017 for his ode to the ‘pravasi’ Malayalee - ‘Temporary People’. Receiving his award from British novelist and journalist Sebastian Faulks
The Hindu | January 15, 2018

Staging Octavia Butler in Abu DhabiStaging Octavia Butler in Abu DhabiNYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center hosted the world premiere of Parable of the Sower, an opera composed by the singer/songwriter Toshi Reagon, a queer Brooklyn-based activist, and based on the prophetic novel by Octavia Butler.
The Paris Review | January 08, 2018