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In South India, a Fragmented Family Turns Into an Overflowing One
Tishani Doshi’s novel sends an unhappy expat home to Tamil Nadu to start a new life with a sister she never knew she had.
The New York Times Book Review | January 22, 2020

How First-Year Comp Can Save the World
What if the best about composition teaching, Deborah L. Williams asks, became the pedagogical default instead of the exception?
Inside Higher Ed | January 2, 2020

What falconry can teach us about diplomacy and feminism
A new course at NYU – Abu Dhabi is using falconry to teach students about everything from art history to heritage and the role of women in society.
The National | November 28, 2019

A group of students have put Zaki Nusseibeh's private art collection on show in Abu Dhabi
The Minister of State's private collection explores regional issues and themes.
The National | December 03, 2019

NYU Abu Dhabi launches unique fellowship to help cultivate future curators
The David Webb Museum Fellowship will provide an Arabic-speaking alumni from NYU Abu Dhabi with the chance to curate exhibitions and work with scholars at the university.
The National | November 18, 2019

The first curatorial fellowship has just launched in the UAE
The partnership between The NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery and David Webb New York has announced its inaugural fellow and first-of-its-kind programme in the Emirates.
Abu Dhabi Middle East | November 18, 2019

NYUAD to unveil public showcase of Dr Zaki Nusseibeh's private collection
Titled Go Back to Move Forward, this exhibition navigates the sociopolitical landscapes of the Arab world by bringing together 18 artworks through which artists reimagine reality.
Architectural Digest Middle East | November 17, 2019

Settling war crimes with music
Former child soldier Arn Chorn-Pond on transforming Cambodia's identity from killing fields to living arts.
Khaleej Times | November 08, 2019

NYU Abu Dhabi celebrates art with Open Studios 2019
New York University Abu Dhabi, NYUAD, will soon host Open Studios, the fifth annual interdisciplinary celebration of arts-themed around the concept of play.
Emirates News Agency | November 05, 2019

Sonoma stories: A postcard from Abu Dhabi
In my grade alone, 84 different nationalities are represented, writes NYUAD student Aaron Marcus-Willers.
Sonoma Index-Tribune | September 09, 2019

Playwright Abhishek Majumdar talks Kashmir and extremism
In society, the role of the artist is unambiguous: to assert the individual imagination, be curious and forge new questions — the singular power that states fear.
Gulf News Asia | September 03, 2019

Finding stories at home and around the world
Twenty-five year-old Joey Bui speaks with a slight American twang, though she assures me with a laugh that she’s been trying to shake it off by watching local TV shows to refamiliarise herself with the vernacular drawl. The Australian-Vietnamese writer is back home in Melbourne for a month in the lead-up to her debut book, Lucky Ticket
Sydney Morning Herald | August 31, 2019

This DIY Implant Lets You Stream Movies From Inside Your Leg
Biohackers inserted a device—a hard drive plus router—into their legs. They say it could improve data security, but it also raises knotty legal issues.
Wired | August 30, 2019

As Abhishek Majumdar's Djinns of Eidgah is staged at Edinburgh Fringe, a conversation with the playwright-director
Culture critic Trisha Gupta's two-part interview with playwright-director Abhishek Majumdar.
Majumdar's production of Djinns of Eidgah by the Bread Theatre and Film Company of Cambridge is currently being staged at the Edinburgh Fringe.
Firstpost. | August 19, 2019