Dustin Foster

Instructor of Fabrication and Visual Arts

Gleb Larovoi

Recording Studio Supervisor; Associate Instructor of Music Technology

Fadi Wahbeh

Film Production Supervisor; Instructor in Film and New Media Program

Jesse Boere

Instructor of Music; Curriculum & Program Manager

Joao Menezes

Instructor of Music; Technical, Equipment and Facilities Manager

Laurene Manaa Abdallah

Assistant Manager, Equipment Center and Instructor of the Arts

Mohammed Dohai

Adjunct Music Instructor of Oud

Mohammed Moqbel

Interim Instructor of Arabic Language

Nelson Reyes

Associate Instructor of Arts Workshop

Samia Meziane

Associate Instructor of Writing

Talha Muneer

Associate Instructor of Film & New Media and Sound Stage Manager

Terry May

Associate Instructor of Arts in Mixed Media; Manager of the Equipment Center

Ume Hussain

Instructor of Interactive Media