A Class of 2021 Reflection: Nada Almosa

We ask Nada Almosa from NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2021 to reflect on her college journey, and she shares with us the friendships formed, how she’s grown, and her favorite NYUAD memories.

Name: Nada Almosa
Major: Literature and Creative Writing 
Country: United Arab Emirates

Nada Almosa, NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2021.

For your friendships formed during university, what has surprised you most about them?

My friend Cassandra Mitchell and I have gone through many experiences together. From being roommates, to taking care of a foster pet. What has surprised me the most about our friendship is that regardless of how long we have been apart, because of studying away or even the global pandemic, our friendship has only gotten stronger. I believe this friendship that grew from us being in NYUAD will last a lifetime.

How has NYUAD helped shape who you are today?

NYUAD has given me the space and the support I needed to really come to terms with what I value, who I am, and what I want to achieve with my life. Being able to find a SIG on campus that aligned with my identity was critical to helping me feel accepted, loved, and valued as a community member, and it gave me the drive to be there for others.

What are some of your favorite memories of being an NYUAD student?

Too many! I love sitting in a hammock on the Highline, watching the songbirds sing, petting the campus cats, cooking and baking with friends in the student lounges, and more. These memories helped me learn how to be grateful and to never take things for granted.

How has senior year been? 

I identified myself as a workaholic pre-pandemic: I was hardly in my room, and I spread myself thin. The pandemic had allowed me to come to terms with the importance of mental health, and pushed me to seek help for my well being. I had lost motivation in many aspects of my life and decided to prioritize and acknowledge my burnout. I took some time off to rest and take care of myself. Despite having a few courses to catch up on due to my break, I managed to complete them slowly but surely, over the following semester. Although I felt intimidated jumping back into the academic year after my break, my professors were genuinely caring, supportive, and were always up for a virtual meeting to discuss what was on my mind. 

My peers and professors have been a great support group for me.

Nada Almosa, NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2021.

These days, I have learned to sit with my thoughts, enjoy a quiet morning with a cup of tea, and be content. Instead of striving to constantly be challenging and pushing myself, I redefined the idea of “challenge” and have found my life to be more fulfilling.