A Class of 2021 Reflection: Anania Koyachew

We ask Anania Koyachew from NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2021 to reflect on his college journey, and he shares with us the friendships formed, how he’s grown, and his favorite NYUAD memories.

Name: Anania Koyachew
Major: Economics
Country: Ethiopia

Anania Koyachew, NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2021.

For your friendships formed during university, what has surprised you most about them? 

I met my best friend during Candidate Weekend. We were roommates and got along very well, until this day. In fact, most of my good friends were made during that weekend. I never thought I would have friends from Brazil, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Egypt, UAE, China, USA, Thailand, Palestine, and Greece. What surprises me is we all have very different cultures, living styles, and religions, but we all have one global and liberal mindset that brings us all together. I know NYUAD’s community is unique, but my friendships at NYUAD have helped me grow as a person and pushed me to my limit to learn about each country's culture, grow as a person, and teach me how to work for collective goals with different groups.

How has NYUAD helped shape who you are today?

I am the first in my family to study abroad for a bachelor’s degree.  When I first arrived in NYUAD, my perspectives and dreams were dramatically changed. My friendships are one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Besides that, my personal growth, the number of countries I was able to visit, and the valuable conversations with friends and professors all helped me become who I am today. I never thought I would  study in three different continents in exciting cities like Shanghai, New York, and Athens.

The opportunity to travel, learn, and see different cultures, societies, and systems sparked my innate interest in Economics.

Anania Koyachew, NYUAD Class of 2021

The opportunity to contrast, compare and analyze different cultures through my global studies has made me an inquisitive individual and analytical thinker. I have used the liberal education opportunity to become who I am today and I look forward to doing great things.

What are some of your favorite memories of being an NYUAD student?

My favorite memory of being an NYUAD student is a trip to Thailand to build houses with engineering ethics. I wasn’t an engineering student but I was able to take the engineering ethics class and help local communities. 

The weeklong trip was emotionally fulfilling for me because we helped three families build homes that they would not have been able to build on their own. It reminded me of where I come from. Growing up in Ethiopia, I know what those families were going through was not uncommon. The families’ reactions left me speechless and humbled.

How has senior year been? 

Studying remotely was not easy at first. I was in New York studying away and was navigating my studies in a challenging time.

The past year has brought excellent opportunities to register for classes across NYU's global site due to remote learning. I was able to attend classes that wouldn’t be possible if it were a normal year. I also firmly believe remote learning has improved my time management.

While the senior year experience is not what I’ve expected, I am still thankful to NYUAD, for the opportunity to live on campus and be in a safe environment to complete my education.