An Opportunity to Chase Dreams

Flexibility, determination, and university support allowed Aren Chen to pursue a unique internship opportunity. 

Aren Qiwei Chen, NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2021.

After countless resumes sent out with no response back for an interview, Aren Chen decided to try a different technique. He directly contacted the Apple team in Shanghai who specialize in talent acquisition for university students. Within a month and an interview later, Chen landed a highly coveted internship with Apple Shanghai.

Chen was finishing the rest of his semester virtually in his home city of Chongqing, China before flying to Shanghai for his three-month internship. Used to experiencing new places around the world as a student in the NYU global network, this three-hour plane trip to Shanghai did not faze the budding global citizen.

A Bright Future

At Apple, Chen was part of the instrument technology team that helps test products’ hardware and debug any issues
in the early design stage and before products are shipped out into the market. When a new product or feature is implemented, the team also builds instruments that are capable of testing the new functions.

After his great stint at Apple last summer, Chen was offered a full time position after graduation. However, graduate school beckons, and Chen decided to further his education at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Until Commencement, Chen was focused on relishing the time left on campus with his friends.