Carpe Diem

“There’s no better time to do anything that really excites you than today.” 

Sebastian Caro, NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2021.

Sebastián Caro is leaving NYU Abu Dhabi with two important documents, an impressive degree in economics, and a friendship contract that includes a binding stipulation that commits the signees to an annual meet-up.

It’s a contract he was happy to sign as the year brought more frequent goodbyes and, on May 22, the end to a special time in Caro’s life. “I am who I am thanks to my friends,” Caro explained.

Before coming to NYUAD, Caro’s life in Colombia was a lot more homogenous. Over the past four years, he began to experience the world, both in being able to visit different countries from his new home in Abu Dhabi and becoming friends with peers from all over the world.

Caro also learned how to say goodbye during this time, as the NYUAD experience brings about a lot of movement including J-Terms and semesters abroad. “Saying goodbye really toughens you up because even if your heart is spread into pieces all over the world, you keep on going,” Caro said.

A Favorite Memory

Throughout his time at NYUAD, Caro was able to attend a number of relevant conferences where he had the chance to meet senior leaders in community and government, including his own Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez in New York.

Caro was at a summit in New York that examines current world challenges and ways to foster conversations for positive social impact when he realized that the president of his home country was a featured speaker. Caro did not hesitate to introducing himself to President Márquez afterwards. The mention of being an NYUAD student piqued President Márquez’s interest and the pair went onto have a friendly conversation around foreign policy. “The fact that I was studying at NYUAD was a great conversation starter,” Caro said. It remains one of Caro’s favorite memories to this day.

There’s no Better Time than Now

Caro remembers watching his senior friends graduating and being excited about his own graduation. He was looking forward to unique experiences and celebrations that come with being a senior. It was hard to accept that his senior year experience wasn’t going to be what he had been envisioning.

“It made me realize that time is so valuable. There’s no better time to do anything that really excites you than today,” Caro said.

“My world expanded so much after I came to this University,” Caro said. “I also learned to take more calculated risks during my four years at NYUAD. This process gave me more confidence in myself and my abilities,” he said.

After graduation, Caro will head back to Colombia to spend time with his family before packing up his bags to head to New York in the fall to begin his new career. Caro will join Point72, a global hedge fund company, as an analyst.