Still Standing: A Photo Essay

A vantage point on campus. Image by @abelerphotos

Markus Abeler, Class of 2021, captures a moment in time on campus

Economics major Markus Abeler's interest in photography started when he took a class at NYU Gallatin in New York City. The Class of 2021 student decided to use the spare time now to document the NYU Abu Dhabi campus. Abeler normally prefers taking photos of people, but the current situation due to the pandemic has given him a good learning experience in taking photos that he normally would not have captured. 

A student wears a mask while enjoying some sun in a hammock on campus. Image by @abelerphotos
Stairs on campus. Image by @abelerphotos
An empty Highline on campus. Image by @abelerphotos
A student sits on a table by the Highline on campus. Image by @abelerphotos
A masked person on campus. Image by @abelerphotos
NYU Abu Dhabi campus center. Image by @abelerphotos