My Studies

Freedom to Construct Your Own Education

One of the perks of a liberal arts education at NYU Abu Dhabi is the freedom to construct your own education. NYUAD students are encouraged to explore non-traditional course paths and combine unrelated majors and minors like computer science and theater, or physics and philosophy.

Find unexpected intersections across disciplines, be creative and show leadership in making your choices.  That's what makes undergraduate experiences at NYUAD as diverse as its student body.

Adrienne Chang

I decided to accept NYU Abu Dhabi over other schools because it offered me flexibility in my studies.


Amber Nomani

The teacher to student ratio was one of the larger reasons to come here.


Arianna Stucki

I wanted to go somewhere where I would be making theater with people all over the world, about what we all were experiencing and facing. 


Daniel Carelli

I wanted to be an engineer, but more fundamentally I wanted to begin interacting with the wider world.


Gloria Jansen

I struggled with the idea of having to focus on only one thing at university in Europe, which was where I originally thought I would end up.


Hurbert Shauri

What I learn in sports does not just stop on the pitch. It seeps into our daily lives, in almost everything we do. It is a lifestyle.

Civil Engineering

Merima Sabanovic

Science requires one to always be abreast with the current advancement and I enjoy that constant pursuit of more knowledge.


Nada Ammagui

I did not have a concrete idea of what I wanted to study, but I knew that I wanted to take advantage of NYUAD’s strategic location in the region.

Arab Crossroads Studies

Norbert Monti

I cherish the opportunity to live and breathe in places I do not know because it is the best way to learn about it.

Political Science, Economics

Suraiya Yahia

I grew up in different parts of the world and have always been exposed to very international contexts. NYUAD was the perfect place for someone like me.

Economics and Mathematics