Eyes to the Sky

My Favorite Course in Mechanical Engineering

Name: Amal Badri
Country: United Arab Emirates
Year: Class of 2019
Major: Mechanical engineering
Course: Microelectromechanical Systems

The course delves into engineering systems from a microperspective. It combines mechanical and electrical systems to create and innovate up to date technologies that can advance engineering and science.

Why This Course

My goal is to specialize in nanotechnology; specifically researching inventions that will impact the world of medicine. Nanotechnology is triumphing in fields like medicine, engineering and IT. It is generating a positive impact on the human race.

Constant ground-breaking research is taking place all over the world and I want to be a part of that revolution. Despite its significant role in revolutionizing medicine and engineering, it is still uncommon in my home country.

I want to specialize in the field, gain extensive knowledge and expertise to initiate a research center dedicated to nanotechnology. I believe it will lay the foundation for a completely new sector in the country, attracting great minds, innovation, jobs and entrepreneurship. The Microelectromechanical Systems course is the first step to achieving my dream. 

My long-term career goal is to initiate and develop a research program combining biomedical engineering and nanotechnology at Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in Dubai.

Amal Badri, Class of 2019

A Typical Day in This Class

A typical day in class involved a lecture on microelectromechanical systems related topics. Professor Mohammad Qasaimeh used visuals to get the idea across to the students. Lectures were orientated in a way that eased questions raised from students and class discussions. Real life applications of the engineering systems were also exhibited and discussed in class.

What I Loved About The Class

We went on a field trip to Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi and spoke to doctors and surgeons regarding the impact engineers have in the medical world. We operated the Da Vinci machine and understood real life applications of microelectromechanical systems in the medical world. We also discussed areas for innovation and improvement to enhance health care. The experience helped me gain inspiration for my final project.

Tips on Navigating What Major or Course to Take

  1. Go for a subject you are passionate about.
  2. If like me, you don't know where your passion lies initially, try different opportunities to find out what you like. I spent my first two years at NYUAD trying to better understand myself and what I am passionate about.
  3. Opt to become a research assistant. The hands-on involvement in the lab further cultivated my interest in the field.
  4. Take courses that pushes your technical boundaries.

Why NYU Abu Dhabi?

When NYUAD opened its door in the UAE, I know the vision was to instill youths — both local and foreign — a good education where everyone is welcomed. I can see the late Sheikh Zayed's vision of a tolerant and welcoming institution regardless of race, religion or identity. This is why I chose NYUAD.