Love in Africa

My Favorite Course in History Major

Name: Faustine Karasira
Country: Rwanda
Year: Class of 2019
Major: Political science with a minor in history
Course: Love in Africa

This course explores different themes such as gender, sexuality, popular culture and the AIDS epidemics on the African continent. Through fictional and academic works, movies and primary sources, students were able to understand the experiences of Africans in every aspect of love, such as romantic, theological, social and political.

Faustine Karasira (fourth from left holding a traditional Ngoma drum) with her classmates interact with the locals during a class trip to Zanzibar. Courtesy of Faustine Karasira

A Typical Day in This Class

The professor will get us to do some readings or watch a movie that would be used in the discussion during class. The class was typically based on discussions, which meant that the atmosphere depended heavily on participation.  

What I Loved About This Class

I took the course because the description was appealing to me, and I was going to minor in history. The trip to Tanzania was the best memory of the class. That class trip combined culture, history, and gender discussions for us to experience the lives of the inhabitants in Zanzibar.

The coast of Zanzibar. Courtesy of Faustine Karasira

Tips on Navigating What Major or Course to Take

For me, I chose my major by looking at what makes me happy and what I am passionate about, which are politics and history. As for the courses, I used the same strategy.

 I did not choose a class because I would get an easy A. Instead, I took courses that were interesting and challenging to me.

Faustine Karasira, Class of 2019

Why NYU Abu Dhabi?

I was in a very diverse high school in Singapore, which is similar to NYUAD in terms of its student body composition. I also picked NYUAD because it offers the same education level as North American/European institutions.