2021-2022 Research Fellowship Recipients

The following NYUAD students were awarded a Post-Graduation Research Fellowship, to take part in a year of full-time intensive and independent research from September 2021 - August 2022.

Senior students who meet the eligibility criteria are invited to submit a research proposal, outlining details of their intended research project, including anticipated research activities, a timeline, and specific milestones. This must be supported by a cover letter detailing the student’s interest and enthusiasm for a career in academia, as well as a recommendation letter from the supervising faculty.

Image Gallery

See images from the students' research projects, below.

Student Name Faculty Supervisor Project
Nawal Aljaeedi Olivia Cheung The Configuration Effect of Musical Notation Reading
Lubnah Ansari May Al-Dabbagh,
Surabhi Sharma
Love in the Time of Love-Jihad: Hindu-Muslim Marriages in India
Niccolò Acram Cappelletto Robert    Parthesius
Alia Yunis
What Goes into a Unesco Nomination? Alternative Heritage Practices in Eritrea and UAE
Keziah Johnson Olivia Cheung The Impact and Influence of Technology Supported Pedagogy in Higher Education: NYUAD Case Study
Katharina Klaunig Nancy Gleason Class Participation of First-Year Students at NYUAD
Kacper Lecki Andrea Macciò Impact of Wandering Black Holes on Galaxy Formation: Implementation of Gravitational Recoil in the Nihao Project
Vince Nguyen Heather Dewey-Hagborg,
Joerg Blumtritt
(funded by CITIES)
Interfacing Low-Cost Air Quality Sensors with Apple Watch: a Self-Quantified Approach to Raising Awareness of Air Pollution
Keshana Ratnasingham Joan Barcelo
The Legacies of Exposure to In-Group Violence on Ethnic Reconciliation: Evidence from Sri Lanka
Oscar Sapkota Piergiorgio Percipalle The Role of Nuclear Myosin 1 in Regulating Mitochondrial Gene Expression and Neurogenesis
Sungmin Sohn Ali Diabat Optimization for Drone-Truck Combined Operations Routing Synchronization Problem
Thais Thomas Fatiah D. Touray Classroom Comfort?: An Examination of Student Responses to Faculty Racial and Ethnic Diversity
Yao Xu Kinga Makovi When the Overseas Chinese “Go Back to their Country”: Investigating Unequal Treatment Toward Returnees in Mainland China Amid the Pandemic