Post-Graduation Research Fellowship

The Post-Graduation Research Fellowship at NYU Abu Dhabi is designed to support a select cohort of exceptional NYUAD graduating seniors with a demonstrated interest in academia, by providing a competitive opportunity for a prestigious one-year research fellowship at NYUAD. The research fellowship aims to retain outstanding academic talent within the region, and contribute to the growth and development of research in the UAE. It is an excellent opportunity for NYUAD senior students to explore research directions and graduate school possibilities.

Senior students who meet the eligibility criteria are invited to submit a research proposal, outlining details of their intended research project, including anticipated research activities, a timeline, and specific milestones. This must be supported by a cover letter detailing the student’s interest and enthusiasm for a career in academia, as well as a recommendation letter from the supervising faculty.

2022-2023 Post-Graduation Research Fellowship Recipients

NYU Abu Dhabi would like to congratulate the following NYUAD seniors, who were successful in securing a place in the Post-Graduation Research Fellowship Program. The positions allow Research Fellows to take part in a year of full-time intensive and independent research, from September 1, 2022 - August 31, 2023.

Student Name Faculty Supervisor Project / Discipline
Marko Brnovic Rafael Maria Gutierrez and Serdal Kirmizialtin Physics; Mathematics
Karno Dasgupta Katia Arfara Theater; Art History
Tsedenia Denekew Aashish Jha Biology
Ivana Drábová Jordan Norris Economics
Jaime Andres Fernandez Sarah Paul and Matthew Silverstein Philosophy
Yaman Garg Kemal Celik Civil Engineering
Hazem Lashen Muhammad Shafique Computer Engineering
Aaron Marcus-Willers Matteo Marciano and David Wrisley Acoustic Ecology; Music Technology;
Digital, Spatial, and Environmental Humanities
Fanisi Mbozi Jonathan Andrew Harris Political Science
Riko Morisawa Fatiah Touray Teaching Methods and Dominant Perceptions on Sense of Belonging
Noora Shuaib Nancy Gleason Higher Education