Conference Presentations

NYUAD offers competitive grants to NYU Abu Dhabi students whose posters, papers, and creative works have been accepted for presentation at academic conferences.

Presentations vary across disciplines; from research papers presented at scientific conferences, to exhibitions in museums, and film screenings at film festivals.


Not only was I honored to be selected to share my research, I was humbled by the feedback that I received, which was both critical and complimentary. Because I am still developing this research paper for my Capstone, I am able to incorporate the suggestions that I received into it.

Nada Ammagui attended the Undergraduate Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans, USA. 

Nada Ammagui, Class of 2020

Past Presentations

    • Alice Huang presented her research at the Consciousness Research Conference 2019 in Japan.
    • Ethan David Lee directed Red is the Blood of the People, which was presented at Short+Sweet Dubai in spring 2019.
    • Carl Alexander Burlin presented at the 8th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference, in Qatar, in spring 2019.
    • Maria Paula Calderon was invited to present her project Extinction at the Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival, Interaction and Immersion Showcase, in Germany, in spring 2019.
    • Saad Sultan presented his research at the Sixth International Conference on Water, Energy and Environment in the UAE, in spring 2019.
    • Gjorgji Shemov presented his research in China, at the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Power, Intelligent Computing and Systems.
    • Daniel Watson was invited to present his research in fall 2018 at the Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, in Belgium.
    • Students Araz Aslanian and Seoyoung Lee each presented their Capstone research at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision, in Japan, in summer 2019.
    • Miraflor Santos’ abstract was accepted for presentation at the Association of Limnology and Oceanography’s 2019 Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Puerto Rico.
    • Michael Rosenthal presented his research at the 233rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, in spring 2019, in USA.
    • As part of a team, Tamara Gjorgjieva presented at the biotech leadership summit GapSummit 2019 at The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.
    • Will Held presented his Capstone research at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, in Italy in summer 2019.

It is difficult to express in words how rewarding the feeling is, of talking to some of the most important people in the field, like professors who founded sub-fields of music information retrieval or head researchers at Google, Spotify, or Sony. It is an amazing feeling for an undergraduate like me to be asked for my business card in order to be asked further questions about my work, or to be emailed about opportunities post-graduation.

Christos Plachouras is a computer science and music major. He attended the International Society for Music Information Retrieval and Digital Libraries for Musicology conferences. 

Christos Plachouras, Class of 2021

Undergraduate Research Report 2019 (PDF)