Academic Strategy

Our vision, mission, and principles reflect NYU Abu Dhabi’s aspirations, purpose, and core activities, as well as define the fundamental beliefs that inform our institutional culture.

The academic strategy presented here is driven by NYU Abu Dhabi’s vision, mission, and principles.

We launched the Academic Strategy Task Force (ASTF) in AY20-21 as a faculty-led process in the spirit of shared governance to provide a shared vision and strategic framework for NYUAD’s next decade. The ASTF brought together stakeholders to assess NYUAD’s first decade, and envision the next decade. Using an inclusive and multi-stakeholder approach, the ASTF comprised 48 representatives from faculty, academic leadership, students, and staff. The task-force structure included an Executive Committee and working groups on Vision and Mission, Research and Graduate Programs, Undergraduate and Global Education, and Societal Impact and Assessment. It drew on the work of the Transition Working Groups, as well as the strategic assessments of all academic units and their respective planning documents.

How We Will Become this Vision

To be a world-class leader in, and new paradigm for, global higher education, defined by excellence in research, teaching, and learning, resulting in a distinguished, diverse, and united scholarly community for Abu Dhabi and the world.

World-class Leader

of Global Higher Education

Defined by Excellence

in Research, Teaching, and Learning

Distinguished Scholarly Community

United in its Diversity

In and of Abu Dhabi

and for the World

How We Will Achieve the Mission

To welcome and educate global citizens, and produce knowledge in order to promote human understanding and benefit society. Through distinctive global liberal arts education and graduate programs, we enable students and graduates to achieve intellectual, personal, and professional fulfillment and empower them to make significant societal contributions to Abu Dhabi and the world. Through cutting-edge research, we develop knowledge, foster creativity and innovation, and help solve humanity’s shared challenges. Together, we contribute to Abu Dhabi's knowledge-based economy and society, and play a central role in NYU’s global mission.

Welcome and Educate Global Citizens and Produce Knowledge,

in order to promote human understanding and benefit society


we contribute to the development of a diversified knowledge economy and society in Abu Dhabi and help to advance NYU’s global mission

Through Cutting-edge Research,

we discover unknowns, develop knowledge, foster creativity and innovation, and help solve humanity’s challenges

Through Global Liberal Arts Education And Graduate Programs,

we empower students to make significant societal contributions worldwide