Office of Inclusion and Equity

The Office of Inclusion and Equity (OIE) is responsible for leading and advancing NYUAD's implementation of practices and programs that foster inclusion, diversity, belonging, and equity in the workplace. It primarily serves faculty, staff, academic support, post-doctoral, and research employees.

Leader Profile

Fatiah Touray
Senior Director of Inclusion and Equity

Fatiah Touray, Esq. is responsible for leading and directing NYUAD’s programs that promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging (IDBE). Fatiah works in partnership with Spiritual Life and Intercultural Education (SLICE), the Office of the Provost, and all students, faculty, and staff dedicated to the work of helping NYUAD become a truly inclusive institution.

Fatiah comes to NYUAD from Sarah Lawrence College where she was the inaugural Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Special Assistant to the President. Previously, she was the Assistant Dean of Diversity and International Advising and the Director of the Academic Achievement Program at the College of Arts and Science at NYU.

Fatiah brings a deep commitment to global education and engagement along with diversity, equity, and inclusion work. In her role at Sarah Lawrence, she launched the first campus climate survey focusing on inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging. She has introduced bias mitigation training for academic communities, launched programs designed to increase faculty diversity, created and launched a course for all first-year students on Belonging at SLC, and created affinity groups for faculty and staff of color and LGBTQ+ identified faculty and staff.


The Office of Inclusion and Equity (OIE) offers the following services:

Consultation and Advice

Answering questions and providing guidance to supervisors, leaders, departments, groups, and employees on equity practices, diversity challenges, and preventative or problem-solving strategies (e.g., mitigating unconscious bias, etc.).

Awareness Education

Sponsoring awareness sessions and customized workshops on a variety of topics tailored to various campus needs and constituencies in order to encourage an environment of continued learning and self-reflection.

Leadership Development for Faculty and Staff

Developing leadership initiatives such as mentoring programs, learning modules, and resources to promote the development of faculty and staff and ready them to lead in our globally diverse community. Works in close partnership with the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Engagement, Academic Appointments, and Human Resources.

Intercultural Fluency Development

Partnering with other departments (e.g., SLICE, Learning, and Organizational Development) to co-sponsor workshops and learning programs for the ongoing development of intercultural fluency.

Compliance Monitoring of Employment Practices

Working collaboratively with the Office of Equal Opportunity to periodically track and analyze equity in hiring, pay, promotion, and other NYUAD employment practices to support consistency and fairness.


Program Description
Inclusive Leadership Series This interactive series examines the relationship between diversity and inclusion, the impact of inclusive behaviors in the workplace, and what you can do to cultivate inclusion. You do not need to be in a leadership or supervisory capacity to attend this series, it is suitable for anyone who seeks to support a more inclusive workplace and is interested in exploring how they can support this through their own thinking and behavior.
Inclusive Conversations

Inclusive Conversations are an ongoing series of informal dialogs on a variety of topics related to aspects of identity and social interactions, facilitated by staff and faculty from across the university. The series opens a rare opportunity for small community dialogs on issues of identity, social interactions, and other potentially sensitive topics for 6-8 people per conversation aimed at:

  • Creating a welcoming space to facilitate open, non-judgmental dialog for those interested in exploring various issues impacting their professional and personal lives.
  • Increasing a sense of inclusion and belonging on our campus by inviting a healthy exchange of our observations and reflections in a non-siloed setting.
Tailored Awareness Sessions The OIE works closely with divisions and units to provide tailored programming and workshops on a variety of topics that reflect their unique needs.

Key People

Sarah Alzaabi

Program Associate, Office of Inclusion and Equity