The Capstone Project is one of the culminating experiences for all students at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Every student at NYUAD will conduct Capstone research in their fourth year, a demanding, year-long endeavor aiming at a significant piece of research or creative work; an historical narrative, musical composition, performance, invention, documented experiment, scholarly thesis, or other form appropriate to the student’s goals.

Each student will have a faculty mentor for their Capstone.


No matter what form the Capstone takes, each student will have a faculty mentor and participate in a Capstone seminar that serves as a collaborative learning forum to discuss the research process and present work in progress. At the end of the school year, the students will present their Capstone work at a university-wide celebration of their creative achievements.

I translated (my) interest into my Capstone project, and it has given me a chance to delve into a subject that I deeply care about: Understanding why some countries are more willing to find solutions to climate change than others.

Norbert Monti, Class of 2018

Work on Your Research Interest

Unlike other courses in which faculty establish the structure and set assignments, the Capstone Project puts the student in charge. The fundamental challenge is to enter unmapped terrain and to extend oneself in making knowledge, reframing conventional approaches to an issue or creating something new.

Featured Capstones

We share some of the write-ups from our students' Capstone projects.

Capstones in 10 Seconds

Class of 2017 summarize their creative and intellectual discoveries on camera. Each student explains his or her Capstone Project in just 10 seconds while standing in front of a green screen constructed from an image, video, or keyword related to their project. 

Conducting my Capstone research in Greece was one of the most transformative experiences of my life, and I am thankful beyond words to have the opportunity to return to Greece with the Fulbright program next year. 

Annalisa Galgano, Class of 2017


More Than a Stack of Papers

Undergraduate research generates important knowledge about things and issues that didn’t even exist a few decades ago.

Capstone Project Wins Top Prize

Senior Ahmed Meshref's Capstone project clinched the top prize in the Accounting, Economics, and Finance category at the Undergraduate Research Competition in Abu Dhabi.

Global Thinkers

Ten Capstone Projects that prove NYU Abu Dhabi students are global thinkers.