Post-Graduation Practical Training Program

In the Post-Graduation Practical Training Program (PPTP), faculty supervisors appoint graduating NYU Abu Dhabi seniors to work on research projects in the summer following their graduation.

Students' duties may include working in laboratories and assisting with research projects. PPTP is a popular program on campus, with the number of participating students growing each year.

How Does It Work?

Students work on campus in full-time, paid positions, performing research under the direct supervision of a faculty member, ensuring each student gets regular mentorship and guidance. The program hosts an orientation session for students prior to graduation. 

After completing the Post-Graduation Practical Training Program, students are well-prepared to continue research in graduate school, or to work in their field of study. 

Student Experiences

Prashant Sharma

NYUAD major: Computer Science

During my PPTP at the Center for Technology and Economic Development, I got to reconnect with the project that I was involved in two years ago when I traveled with Professor Yaw Nyarko to his native village in Ghana.

The PPTP and the earlier field experience helped me understand the interconnected aspects of Economics and Computer Science, and made me further enforce my strong faith in the power of liberal arts education to solve interdisciplinary global challenges such as poverty alleviation.

PPTP and summer research are great education opportunities for our students to experience research to some extent while they don't have much time to do so during semesters. These programs serve as an important stepping stone to raise good researchers in the UAE.

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Sohmyung Ha

Gloria Jansen

NYUAD major: Biology

PPTP was the ideal transition from undergraduate research to my next steps as a graduate student in developmental biology.

During the summer after graduation, I was able to continue collecting and analyzing bioinformatic data as part of my Capstone research. What is more, I got to learn a new technique, which allowed me to illuminate my primary research question from a more imaging-based angle. Working more independently and creatively, I felt that I caught a glimpse at what life as a graduate student will be like, which will surely help me transition more easily.

This work culminated in a poster presentation at the largest European meeting of neuroscientists in Berlin in July, where I represented both the Chaudhury Lab and NYUAD, and heard about ongoing projects from other labs from around the world.

Having experienced PPTP now firsthand, I really appreciate what a benefit it can be in really launching a student into their career post-graduation.


Program Head, Interactive Media; Assistant Arts Professor of Interactive Media, Aaron Sherwood