Post-Graduation Practical Training Program

In the Post-Graduation Practical Training Program (PPTP), faculty supervisors appoint graduating NYU Abu Dhabi seniors to work on research projects in the summer following their graduation.

Students' duties may include working in laboratories and assisting with research projects. PPTP is a popular program on campus, with the number of participating students growing each year.

How Does It Work?

Students work on campus in full-time, paid positions, performing research under the direct supervision of a faculty member, ensuring each student gets regular mentorship and guidance. The program hosts an orientation session for students prior to graduation. 

After completing the Post-Graduation Practical Training Program, students are well-prepared to continue research in graduate school, or to work in their field of study. 

Having experienced PPTP now firsthand, I appreciate what a benefit it can be in really launching a student into their career post-graduation.


Program Head, Interactive Media; Assistant Arts Professor of Interactive Media, Aaron Sherwood

Student Experiences

The Class of 2023 Post-Graduation Practical Training Program

Read about the experiences of the Class of 2023 in their Post-Graduation Practical Training Program. These students performed research in Science, Engineering, and Arts and Humanities, covering topics from Abu Dhabi's public spaces to Himalayan population genetics, sea-level rise, and young adult school exclusion.

Emma Olivia Anderson

Research Topic: Urban Leisure, Belonging, and Environment in Abu Dhabi's Public Spaces

Fadhel Barakat

Research Topic: Accessing Impact on Sea Level Rise

Sonia Claudia Catinean

Research Topic: The autobiographical memories of young adults excluded from school

Rita Fahmy

Research Topic: Community-engaged research identifies genetic histories, basis of malaria resistance, and evolution of shorter stature in lower-altitude Himalayan populations


PPTP and summer research are great education opportunities for our students to experience full-time research. The work requires a time commitment that would be challenging during the academic year. These programs serve as an important stepping stone to raise good researchers in the UAE.

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Sohmyung Ha