May Al-Dabbagh

Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA Harvard University; PhD University of Oxford

Research Areas: Gender; Globalization in the Middle East

May Al-Dabbagh is a specialist on gender and globalization in the Middle East and has conducted research on the topic using a combination of social psychological, public policy, and feminist approaches. Her current research projects include the psychology of globalization; gender and negotiation; and intersections of family formation and women’s work in the Gulf Cooperative Council countries (GCC). Previously, she was the Founding Director of the Gender and Public Policy Program at the Dubai School of Government and a Research Fellow at the Women and Public Policy Program, HKS, Harvard University. Al-Dabbagh has publications in both academic and policy outlets in Arabic and English and her work has been featured in over 40 local, regional, and international media outlets.