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NYUAD Study Finds Gene Targets To Combat Microorganisms Binding To Underwater Surfaces
Scienmag | September 1, 2020

NYU Abu Dhabi Study Finds 61 Gene Tackling Marine Biofouling (Arabic)
Al Khaleej | September 1, 2020

NYUAD Scientists Study Regional Mangrove (Arabic)
Al Ittihad | August 18, 2020

NYUAD Scientists Analyze Trends In Regional Mangrove Research, Identify Areas For Future Analysis
Emirates News Agency | August 17, 2020

Is COVID-19 Man-Made or Natural?
Al Roeya | April 23, 2020

A Scientific Forum in NYU Abu Dhabi Discusses Defining the Genetic Map of Falcons
Al Bayan | February 19, 2020

"Genomics and Systems Biology" Conference Concludes Today in NYU Abu Dhabi (Arabic)
Al Khaleej | February 19, 2020

NYU Abu Dhabi Organizes "Genomics and Systems Biology" Conference (Arabic)
Al Khaleej | February 18, 2020

65 Research Papers in the "Genomics and Systems Biology" Conference (Arabic)
Al Bayan | February 18, 2020

Developing Date Palm Genomes Using 'Sequencing Technology'
Emarat Al Youm | October 26, 2019

Scientists from NYUAD Mapping Date Palm Genome
The National | October 24, 2019

Glimpses 2019: The Art of Science to Open at the NYUAD Art Gallery’s Auxiliary Venue, The Project Space
Web-Release | October 16, 2019

New Genome Sequence Of The Date Palm
Science Daily | October 15, 2019

NYU Abu Dhabi to Host 'Living with a Star' in Line with World Space Week
Emirates News Agency | October 4, 2019

In Celebration of World Space Week, NYU Abu Dhabi Hosts a Life with a Star Seminar (Arabic)
Al Fajr News | October 5, 2019

Robots at Abu Dhabi
PolarNet | January 21, 2019

See The Big Winners of Nikon’s Micro-Photo Competition
The Washington Post | October 17, 2018

Using Simplicity for Complexity—New Research Sheds Light on the Perception of Motion
New York University | March 22, 2018

An Effective Mechanism For Algae Adaptation in the Emirates Environment (Arabic)
Al-Ittihad | February 24, 2019

Research Finds Increased Sulfur Metabolism Is a Likely Survival Mechanism for Native UAE Algae
Go Dubai | February 24, 2019

Genetically Modified Organisms Can Help with Food Security
Gulf News | February 11, 2018

Women Scientists Tell of UAE's Support
The National | February 11, 2018

Crete’s Contribution to North African Date Palms
Nature Middle East | January 15, 2019

Using Genomic Data, NYU Abu Dhabi Researchers Unlock History of North African Date Palm
EurekAlert | January 14, 2019

History of North African Date Palm
Science Daily | January 14, 2019

Saffron May Contain Cancer-Beating Properties, UAE Research Finds
The National | January 4, 2019

New York University Abu Dhabi Team Invent Device to Detect E. coli in 20 Minutes
ZAWYA | January 14, 2018

A "Science Idea" Is a New Club at New York University Abu Dhabi
Al Bayan | September 19, 2018