CGSB Cores

Since its inception in 2012, the Center has developed the infrastructure for several technology platforms, including both instrumentation and technical expertise for managing these resources. The Cores' operations are overseen by Faculty Directors Kris Gunsalus, and Claude Desplan. 

The Center manages these resources in partnership with NYUAD’s Core Technology Platform (CTP), directed by Reza Rowshan. The Center provides its expertise and access to all of these platforms to any NYUAD researcher.

Bioinformatics Core

The Bioinformatics Core at NYUAD CGSB provides computational infrastructure and services for sequence analysis in support of a wide range of research projects. The team develops analytical pipelines, joint genomics resources, training programs, data policies, and handles data management.

High-throughput Screening Core

The Chemical and Functional Genomics Lab has established an integrated screening platform with advanced laboratory automation technology for cell-based and whole organism (e.g. microbial, worm and zebrafish) assays that is managed in collaboration with the NYUAD CTP.

Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Core

The Center currently operates a BD FACSAria III Sorter supplemented with BD FACSDiva v7.0 software. The BD FACSAriaIII owns sensitivity for multicolor and sorting applications.