• Center for Genomics and Systems Biology Annual Symposia

    Ongoing for more than 10 years, the NYUAD Center for Genomics and System Biology Annual symposia is one of the leading symposium on modern biology in the region.

    In the center’s research programs, the organizers apply cutting-edge genomic technology and systems-level approaches to areas including biodiversity, the complexity of neuronal systems, chemical & functional genomics, cells, development and diseases, synthetic biology, and food security. Each year, internationally distinguished speakers are invited to reflect diverse research areas.

    Throughout the years, the symposia were convened by members of the NYUAD CGSB community:

    • Fabio Piano
    • Claude Desplan
    • Kristin Gunsalus
    • Michael Purugganan
    • Justin Blau
    • Kourosh Salehi-Ashtiani
    • Gord Fishell
    • Enas Qudeimat
    Group photo of the CGSB IX participants and organizers

    Annual Symposia Events 

    Women in STEM Luncheon

    The Women in STEM luncheon was first co-organized in 2016 and continued to 2020 in association with Kirsten Sadler Edepli in which women speakers from CGSB Symposium networked with women faculty, researchers, and undergraduates attending the conference.

    The event continues to provide female students and junior researchers to interact with prominent women scientists and their careers in the field of science.

    CGSB X Women in STEM Luncheon organized in association with Kirsten Sadler Edepli

    Conversations With Editors

    Another special event at the CGSB Symposia offers the chance to network with editors of prestigious scientific journals followed by a Q&A session in a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into the publication process.

    The event hosted many high profile journal editors, including:

    CGSB X:
    Laura Zahn, Science
    Di Jiang, PLOS Biology

    CGSB IX:
    Nicole Rusk, Nature Methods 
    Boyana Konforti, Howard Hughes
    Medical Institute

    Pamela Hines, Science
    Catherine Potenski, Nature Genetics

    CGSB V:
    Scientific Publishing 
    Beverly Purnell, Science
    Mohammed Yahia, Nature Middle East
    Boyana Konforti, Simons Foundation New York

    CGSB IV – 2014
    John Myles Axton, Nature

    Laura Zahn, Editor of Science Magazine during CGSB X