UAE Innovation Week Coming This Fall

This week, the UAE government announced a new nationwide initiative called Innovation Week, to be held in November. In recognition of this important educational and entrepreneurial event, Salaam: NYUAD News revisits a few of NYUAD's most significant Research & Innovation headlines from the past year.

NYUAD students win UAE Drones For Good Competition
With Wadi Drone, images from remote desert areas are beamed wirelessly, saving time, resources, and, most importantly, protecting the lives of the rangers who work in this harsh territory.
Scientists discover link between brain activity and the changing seasons
NYUAD Biology Professor Justin Blau (above) and a team of scientists linked changes in the structure of a handful of central brain neurons to understanding how animals adjust to changing seasons. Its findings enhance our understanding of the mechanisms vital to the regulation of our circadian system, or internal clock.
Significant recognition for 100! Dates Project
NYUAD's 100! Dates Project aims to find out about the genetic diversity of the date palm, which will help researchers understand how date palms evolved and provide tools for improving the cultivation of an important and symbolic UAE plant.
NYUAD hackers create mobile health monitoring system
Computer science students at the NYUAD International Hackathon created code for a wearable device that would monitor construction worker health and send data reports to governments or third parties. The system would also warn workers if they are dehydrated or getting too much sun.