New Faculty Fall 2022

Academic Year 2022-2023

NYU Abu Dhabi leadership and faculty are researchers, scholars, and artists of extraordinary distinction within and beyond their disciplines. At the same time, they are exceptional teachers, dedicated to supporting,challenging, and transforming their students into intellectual colleagues. In addition to a growing cohort of full-time faculty, the University also draws talent from across NYU’s global network and hosts visiting faculty from outstanding universities around the world.

Today NYU Abu Dhabi has a faculty of more than 300 faculty who are experts in their field and educators at the highest level. Our faculty are drawn to the University by the quality and passion of our students and by a favorable and innovative research environment. Ultimately, our faculty join the community to partake in the institution’s resolve to contribute significantly to the region and to shape a better world through education and research.

Arts and Humanities

Chinasa Ezugha

Assistant Arts Professor of LiveArt /Art as Social Practice

Bilal Orfali

Visiting Professor of Middle East and Arab Studies

Slavica Ceperkovic

Visiting Professor of Interactive Media

Susan Ossman

Visiting Professor of Movements and Places, Movement, and Cultural Practices

Laila Soliman

Visiting Associate Arts Professor of Theater, Artist in Residence

Domna Banakou

Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice of Interactive Media

Merritt Moore

Distinguished Artist in Residence, Adjunct Professor of Practice


Je Ir Ryu

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering


Ken Kamei

Associate Professor of Bioengineering and Biology

Simonetta Di Pippo

Visiting Professor of Practice of Physics

Salah Mehdi

Visiting Professor of Mathematics

Fida Dankar

Visiting Associate Professor of Computer Science

Matthew Martin

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Social Science

Pankaj Patel

Visiting Professor of Business, Organizations and Society

Songfa Zhong

Visiting Professor of Economics

Camilla Quental

Visiting Associate Professor of Business, Organizations and Society

Sarah Valdez

Visiting Associate Professor of Social Research and Public Policy

Milena Tekeste

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business, Organizations and Society

Arda Gucler

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy

Sebastian Fuchs

Adjunct Lecturer of Business, Organizations and Society

Aman Merchant

Adjunct Lecturer of Business, Organizations and Society

Manu Munoz Herrera

Adjunct Lecturer of Economics

Academic Enrichment Program (AEP)