New Faculty Fall 2021

Academic Year 2021-2022

NYU Abu Dhabi leadership and faculty are researchers, scholars, and artists of extraordinary distinction within and beyond their disciplines, and at the same time exceptional teachers, dedicated
to supporting and challenging their students and to transforming them into intellectual colleagues. In addition to a growing cohort of full-time faculty, the University also draws talent from across NYU’s global network and hosts visiting faculty from outstanding universities around the world.

Today NYU Abu Dhabi has a faculty of more than 300 experts who are drawn to the University by the quality and passion of our students, by a very favorable research environment, and, as importantly, by the institution’s resolve to contribute significantly to the region and to shape a better world through education and research.


Awam Amkpa

Dean of Arts and Humanities; Professor of Drama, Social and Cultural Analysis, NYUNY

Paula England

Dean of Social Science; Silver Professor; Professor of Sociology, NYUNY

Arts and Humanities

Manthia Diawara

University Professor; Professor of Comparative Literature

Daniel Fogal

Assistant Professor

Gregory Pardlo

Visiting Associate Professor, Literature and Creative Writing

Nathalie Handal

Visiting Associate Professor of Practice in Literature & Creative Writing

Terri Geis

Visiting Associate Arts Professor, Art and Art History

Daungyewa Utarasint

Visiting Assistant Professor

Michael Allison

Visiting Assistant Arts Professor of Interactive Media

Emily Cole

Visiting Lecturer of Writing

Amy Beth Karoll

Visiting Lecturer of Writing


Marwa Chafii

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Pekka Santtila

Professor of Psychology

Terry Harrison

Silver Professor, Professor of Anthropology

Azzam Mourad

Visiting Professor of Computer Science

Miklós Ruszinkó

Visiting Professor of Mathematics

Spiros Pergantis

Visiting Professor Chemistry

Yuefan Deng

Visiting Professor of Mathematics

Piero Nicolini

Visiting Associate Professor of Physics

Social Science

Ayesha Masood

Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy

Rana Almutawa

Assistant Professor/ Emerging Scholar of Social Research and Public Policy

Kristin Surak

Visiting Associate Professor of Social Research and Public Policy

Muhammad Azfar Nisar

Visiting Associate Professor of Social Research and Public Policy

Peter Thurlow

Visiting Associate Professor of Practice in Economics