Visiting Student Summer Undergraduate Research Program

NYU Abu Dhabi welcomes the unique experiences and insights visiting students bring to the university and region.

Summer 2023

Applications are now closed.

The Visiting Student Summer Undergraduate Research Program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students at NYU New York, NYU Shanghai, and UAE-based universities to take part in research projects at NYUAD over the summer.


Summer positions, eligibility criteria, and the application process can be found below. Students are welcome to apply to more than one position but must submit a separate application for each position they are applying for.

Professor David Holland speaks with undergraduate students at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Students must hold a valid UAE residence visa or a UAE citizenship in order to be eligible to take part in the program. NYUAD is unable to sponsor a residence visa solely for the purpose of this program. For NYU New York and NYU Shanghai students, this means the program is open only to students sponsored by NYUAD and students who are otherwise resident in the UAE.

2023 Application Details

Application Deadline March 30, 2023  5pm GST
Program Dates Positions are expected to take place between May 30 and July 25, 2023.
Program Location All summer 2023 positions are expected to take place in-person, on the NYUAD campus.
Program Funding

Students will be awarded USD 150 per week* and will be provided with on-campus accommodation free of charge. 

* The funds transfer process amongst program participants will be dependent on the student's association with the institution.

Eligibility Criteria

Summer 2023 Available Positions


The Visiting Undergraduate Research Program is a win-win situation for students and faculty. The program has allowed undergraduate students to get immersed in the world of research and bring a fresh viewpoint and approach to ongoing research being conducted. The diversity and different academic backgrounds of the students spark creativity and innovation into the research projects they work on. 

Borja Garcia de Soto, Assistant Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering; Director, S.M.A.R.T. Construction Research Group

Featured Research

Muhammad Haider creates a supersaturated solution of ROY, one of the most polymorphic compounds known today.

My research project focused on two compounds known as ROY and HCB. ROY is one of the most polymorphic compounds known today, meaning it can crystallize in several different forms such as prisms and needles. What is especially interesting about ROY is that seven of its known polymorphs are all stable at room temperature and standard pressure. 

- Muhammad Haider, NYU New York 

Social and Cultural Events

Visiting undergraduate research students can usually expect an energetic social calendar during their time here. This includes a welcome lunch, campus activities, and visits to key UAE cultural and social hotspots such as the Sheikh Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding in Dubai (below).